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An interstellar bounty hunter, trapped on Earth since 1947, Linc befriends the humans and works with them to jump start the fledgling technology industry with the goal of returning to deep space. Their team soon produces the Constellation, a ship with an organometallic skin powered by an antimatter drive with potent plasma cannon. In the process, they discover other species on Earth. Some, like the Pleadians, support the humans and others, like the Gholoam, who are bent on controlling human destiny.

Everthing is a Process: Lessons, Wit and Wisdom of a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Everything is a process could be called Larry Dyer’s “book of life”. In it he chronicles his life from childhood to improvement professional with a series of essays centered around the lessons he has learned about being a happy, productive human being. He then segways into the methods and tools of process improvement via examples taken from his own experiences. He does a great job of making everything riveting and relevant. Larry has been a longtime friend and colleague and I highly recommend his latest accomplishment, Everything is a process.

Thomas Pyzdek, author of the Six Sigma Handbook

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After 70 years, Linc is ready to leave Earth in his new ship, Constellation, built by humans. He begins folding space toward the center of the galaxy when his artificial intelligence unit spots a planet traveling toward the center of the solar system. 

The planet is inhabited by the Nibiru, also known as the gods of ancient earth. Their planet will not reach Earth for another 600 years on its 3600-year orbit. Linc is interrogated by the Nibiru who are shocked to find our that there are 7.5 billion humans on Earth and that the humans built Linc's ship.

They soon return to Earth with Linc to offer their assistance with the Gholoam. In the process, the Gods decide to intervene directly with the leaders of Earth and the Gholoam to stop the destruction of Earth and their children.

PSI Corp and Other Short Stories (In Development)

A collection of science fiction short stories

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