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Keyboard and Mouse


Minitab Tool Training File

This Excel file contains numerous data sets that can be used to create charts in Minitab. Examples of each Minitab chart are posted on each worksheet.

Common Statistical Questions and Tests

MSWord table showing common questions asked during projects and the statistical test to be used.

Without Data Template

One-page PowerPoint template suitable for signatures and framing.

Benefit Effort Project Ranking Template

This Excel file contains the Benefit Effort chart. Start by fine-tuning the Benefit Priority and Effort Priority categories to your business. Then score each on the Project Rating Sheet. If you are really motivated you can create your own weighting categories by using the AHP tool. Results are on the BE Chart. 

Graphical Tools and Their Use

MSWord document listing the types of graphical tools, what they are used for, the types of data they use and when to use them.

Green Belt/Black Belt Nomination Form

Excel document used as a nomination form to be completed by the candidates manager prior to consideration.

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