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Change Any Habit in 30 Days

Most of us have habits we want to change. I know that I have worked long and hard to change habits in the past, only to have them come back again. Now, using this technique, you can change a habit for good.


Determine the habit you want to change

This part should be easy, but you should really think about it for a while. You may have several habits you want to get rid of and we want to do this one at a time, so pick the right one.

Write it down

Seems like a pretty simple task too. The key is you want to write it down as a positive phrase, not negative. For example: we don't say, "I want to stop smoking." We say, "I see myself as smoke free." We don't say, "I want to lose weight." We say, "I see myself thin and and my target weight of XXX." You get the idea.

Print it and post it everywhere

Now you want to make multiple copies of this on a note card or postit note and put it where you are during the day. Put copies on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, door to the garage, rear view mirror in your car, computer monitor, etc.

Say it out loud and visualize what success looks like - every time you see it

This is the repetition part. Your brain is like a garden. What goes in most of the time is what comes out. If negative comments go in then negative comments will come out. We want to liberally sprinkle positive thoughts on this garden for a period of 30 days until the brain gets the message. The visualization is the most important part of the process. Athletes use visualization all the time to improve their performance. Visualizing yourself as successful fills your garden with successful thoughts.

Do it for 30 days

Rinse and repeat, as they say.

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